Hi, I'm Julius

I'm a software engineer in New York City.

I'm a co-creator of SpaceCraft, a real-time, collaborative REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) and editor that executes code in the browser for Ruby, JavaScript, and Python.


SpaceCraft is a real-time, collaborative REPL and editor that allows developers to experiment with Ruby, JavaScript, and Python without any configurations. Built with Node.js, Docker, and WebSockets.

SpaceCraft Tech Talk

I recently gave a tech talk on SpaceCraft titled "SpaceCraft: Building a Real-Time Collaborative REPL" at the Austin Nodejs meetup on December 19, 2018.

Other Projects

SpaceCraft: Proxy Server

I built a reverse proxy server from scratch using Node.js and Docker API which integrates with SpaceCraft. The proxy server manages multiple user sessions, initializes containers, and forwards clients' requests to the appropriate containers.



Built a ticket management app which included CRUD operations, scheduling, and tagging for cards and lists. Designed a React/Redux frontend with a Rails backend API.


A Ruby gem that makes it easy to log your data structure to the console and gain a clearer sense of what's happening in your code. Designed to help developers practice and ace their coding challenges.

More About Me

I'm a full stack software engineer with interests in web development, DevOps, and distributed/decentralized systems. I'm always eager to learn something new and love working on challenging projects.

I strive to write clean, scalable code and I have multiple years of experience developing full stack applications and back-end development projects using Node.js, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, React, Docker and SQL.

I'm currently open for new opportunities! Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to talk or discuss anything about software engineering.